Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Hey! Hiya. It's been awhile, huh? I've been pretty busy with the new job at Fancy University and honestly I haven't been able to update as much as I'd like/at all. I can say that I've started eating a little better, i think, thanks to the good salad place nearby for lunch and then half or an entire bag of frozen vegetables in the evening. Trader Joe's has some great bags of mixed frozen vegetables with various sauces and in various styles. I'm thinking that with the big salad and the bag of vegetables at night, I may finally be getting enough vegetables in my diet.

Today Morning:
so this morning was the commute from hell, and it was pretty much all of my own making, this hell, making it that much worse since i really have no one to blame but myself. i missed several buses because i couldn't find my pass, and then i didn't have the right amount of money, and then in an uncaffeinated and low-blood sugar state, i somehow wound up at the B.U. Medical Center, which let me tell you is distressingly far from my office and the meeting i had scheduled this morning. just thinking about it is getting me embarrassed so i'm not going to get into it. it was like i was suddenly dropped into a foreign country where i couldn't speak english and had no sense of the geography of the area, except i do speak english and i've lived in this city for four years. i was not at my best this morning is what you should take away from this complainy quasi-anecdote. anyway:
-oatmeal w/ frozen blueberries
-1/2 yam (mid-morning snack)

-spinach salad with egg, tuna, cherry tomato, zuchinni, cucumber, beets, (i'm getting better with beets. i used to hate them, and i'm still not their biggest fan, but i no longer gag when eating them) sweet potato, pineapple, feta cheese, broccoli, hummus, tofu, asian ginger dressing, and maybe some other things i can't remember. this salad probably weighed a pound or so, and it pretty much my favorite lunch right now (of course, i'm too far from the falafel king and chacarero, and i haven't explored any of the many places to eat in the neighborhood, so there you go). i seem to get something like the big salad nearly every day now. sometimes if i eat at the school cafeteria there is spelt and walnuts and better hummus other stuff, but i have more or less the same salad. it is good, though. souper salad.
-protein bar

-asian stir fry w/ broccoli, baby corn, snow peas, green beans, onion, carrots
-yogurt w/ oat bran and blackberries
-tuna fish sandwich
i was really hungry. it was a long emotional day.


Blogger G said...

oh, and fish oil. i had fish oil today.

9:57 PM  
Blogger jesse said...

do you need directions, little fievel?
"what is ruth's sister's name on six feet under?"

10:26 AM  
Anonymous beth beth beth said...

wha happen?

1:09 PM  
Blogger jesse said...

I don't know. I feel high. At work.

1:12 PM  

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