Friday, December 16, 2005

I am not very good at this these days. My apologies, blogging community. in payment for actually turning up to read this blog even though i have not updated in nearly a month, i will take jesse's suggestion to post my very first "what I listened to today." i will select a few songs that i listened to over the past 24 hours.

"addiction" - kanye west
this is a nice song that i think is about being addicted to things that are bad for you, and having a girlfriend who only really goes out with you because you have drugs or booze or something. i kind of forget but it's got a great beat, etc. the skits on his albums are actually pretty funny, too, which is nice. so many skits are terrible.

"i'll believe in anything" - wolf parade
when i first heard this, i was like "what kind of crazy time signature is this in?" when i counted it out it was 6/8, which is not all that crazy, but it's got a cool off-balance feel to it. i always seem to hear this song when i am approaching the school i work at.

"she said, she said" - black keys
a not very good cover of the beatles song. it doesn't add very much and it just sounds badly done. they have much better songs.

"f*ck the ying yang twins" - ying yang twins
i am not proud of this. the ying yang twins are ridiculous and kind of sleazy. i don't think i listened to this the whole way through.

"almost was good enough" - songs:ohia
i really like jason molina and this is a really good song for a sad grey winter day. it's got some interesting tension and lonesomeness in it despite a full sound.

"tiny paintings" - architecture in helsinki
this is a pretty silly song with funny instruments, but it's melodically interesting enough to not be too obnoxious/precious. i'm not sure what to think of the guy with the high voice in this song. i'm alternately and annoyed and ok with him. if you're in a bad mood, this song is not going to help.

"banquet" - bloc party
this is a good song, but after listening to silent alarm again, i don't like it as much as i thought i did, despite the great energy the songs have. the songs just aren't all that strong. except this one, though. it's good.

Back to our regularly scheduled programming:

Today Morning:
-protein bar
-mixed nuts
-2 clementines

-the big spinach salad i get every day that makes me think doing this blog is getting boring. spinach, marinated mushrooms, green pepper, broccoli, tomato, egg, turkey, feta, craisins, soybeans, and balsamic vinaigrette dressing. i mean, it's awesome. it's like the perfect lunch. it's an "all you can fit onto your tray" buffet-style salad bar, where they charge you one price no matter how much you cram onto your salad tray. I of course build a huge salad that weighs many pounds and eat it for basically two meals. it is the awesome. i eat this salad with 32 oz of water.
-fish oil

Dinner (uh, i'll give you yesterday's, i guess):
-salmon cooked in olive oil w/ green beans also cooked in olive oil and topped with a walnut vinaigrette
-omega-3 peanut butter and celery


Anonymous erica said...

hey, man, i was hoping you'd show up! i kept an eye out for ya, but i understand it was too crazy to get in. i had some tasty food across the street at the pizza joint - i had an eggplant parm & delicious fries.

4:51 PM  
Blogger A said...

do you have a personal chef? how do you find time to cook such nice meals for yourself?

11:55 AM  
Blogger G said...

sorry I missed you, erica. you would have been my first stop. i thought we would see you at the alumni show, but no such luck.

i basically just cook things in a lot of olive oil or steam them. it doesn't really take too long when you can just empty some frozen vegetables into a pan.

12:27 PM  

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