Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Also this one.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

I don't generally like to do this, but I found this non-food-related music video pretty fun today.
Let me tell you a few things about Buenos Aires:

-Buenos Aires is a city in Argentina, South America
-It is a big city - like 12 million people
-The food is fantastic
-and cheap
-People don't have snacks, from what I can tell. They sit down and eat meals and then they get up and they do what they have to do. They don't mess around with eating stuff while walking. In fact, if you do that with anything besides ice cream, I don't think they like it very much
-The coffee is just amazingly good. It is all cafe con leche (like espresso with milk), but again, you have to sit there and drink it. You don't get stuff to go. You just don't.
-My girlfriend and I ate at some of the best restaurants we have ever been to. EVER. We live in a major east coast city that has some pretty nice restaurants, but in terms of food quality, decor, atmosphere, and service, the places in BA just blew everything else away, as far as I am concerned. All the pasta was hand-made. If you want to find fresh hand-made pasta in the US you are going to have to get yourself an Italian grandmother or something because no restaurant is going to do it for you, because they don't think you are worth it.
-Buenos Aires is really clean, with lots of nice big parks, and slender, good-looking people.
-There were no obviously drunken, crazy, ranting homeless people. With all the huge beautiful parks, they seem like they would be a natural place for people who like to yell stuff to no one in particular to hang out, but no. This may have been a function of the nice neighborhoods we were staying in, but it seemed consistent throughout the different areas of the city. I know that if any city in the US had parks like BA did, that they would be filled with people who slept there all day. Oh, and there was no trash in these parks. Did I mention that? It was like being in Canada or something.
-Some restaurants don't open until 9 pm. People do stuff late. All kinds of people walk their dogs at like 3 am on a Tuesday, yet everything is open in the morning. It's like a riddle.
-Buenos Aires is awesome.

So I'm back from there. I've been eating a bunch at the City Girl Cafe in Inman, and they have a good salad (spinach, onion, chicken, some kind of cheese) that I always get. While you're there, you can say hi to my good friend Beth, who told me to start this blog because she was sick of me telling her what I had eaten every day. They have good music, too.

Also in Inman is Montien, which is a good Thai place. It is very red inside. I had the most boring dish I possibly could have ordered, the chicken and broccoli, but it was good and I enjoyed it. I thought about getting chicken massaman curry but as I have said previously, that is special and to be saved for special occasions otherwise I will start down the slippery slope of becoming a shut-in who starts only wearing the same pants because they are "the ones I like".